Marry Me

Who doesn’t love weddings? Seriously? They play out like a reality tv show without the cameras – unless you are a Bridezilla or a Kardashian. Well, a family friend recently sought help and I jumped on the helping the bride bandwagon. I am a planner by nature – I plan everything: dinner, clothes to wear, books to read, what to watch. Anything that needs to get done, I will plan it to a T. So naturally, I enjoyed planning my wedding. No, I super enjoyed it. Yes, I enjoyed the whole year of planning, calling home every night  (the long distance thing made me more vigilant) and sending emails to potential vendors and planner. Boy did I thrive under the pressure and expectation. See, I am the first born of a first born. So technically, my wedding was the ‘first’ of sorts. Also, modern baba and I are perfectionist of sorts. So naturally, we were like a pressure cooker which erupted a couple of times but meh, thats what makes the planning fun no?

Back to my friend’s wedding – in my effort to help her, I found this blog that chronicles the adventures of Kenyan brides. Pretty neat huh? You can find it on the blogs I currently follow since I haven’t learnt how to insert a hyperlink oops! Anyway, the ‘wedding bug’ has caught on and I am in dire need of attending a fully fledged Kenyan wedding. Yes, I said it. I am suffering withdrawal symptoms. I need to attend a wedding, sing, eat, and dance, while categorically ripping apart the deco and food (come on, I know we all do it). Sigh, if only I could teleport myself to Kenya. I would really love to go home in December you know, it is wedding season after all. On a lighter note, why do weddings bring out the worst in people, especially relatives? And what’s with the ‘wedding committees’? Whoever came up with the wonderful idea of having a planning committee to plan and pay for some of your wedding? ?? Or, better yet, the relatives who know what’s best for you yet they have never planned or been to a wedding in their lifetime? Oh wedding bliss and drama, I miss you so!

Someone please invite me to a Kenyan wedding. . . . .