How to Conquer a Yoga Handstand

Step 1: Lie down, with your back to the floor, on your yoga mat

Step 2: Take a deep breath in

Step 3: If you know me really well you should know that I love Yoga but there is no way I can accomplish a handstand or give advice on accomplishing one

Step 4: I used the title for my post in an attempt to hook you in – that and it was the heading of my first unread email from my yahoo inbox

Step 5: If you are still here, you must be really interested in what I have to say write

Step 6: Seriously, the good stuff begins now

Step 7: Right after this

You standing on your head yet?

On a lighter note, I do love Yoga. A friend introduced me to Bikram Yoga this year. I love it, its a combination of my two favorite things, sauna and Yoga. What other form of meditation and/or exercise do you leave feeling completely rejuvenated and steamed? Nope, I didn’t think so! Well, in my rush to do all things Yoga I purchased a Groupon deal ( 30 for 30) thinking that I would manage attending daily Bikram Yoga for only 30 days. Only? Well, I did momentarily forget that I was a working mom who had to pick up my toddler, get home, make dinner, give her a bath and put her to bed by 7:30 pm. The idea was to leave home by 7:45, get to the studio by 8 , meditate and relax before class begun at 8:15. Bear in mind that I could not eat dinner during ‘rush hour’ because it is advisable not to eat 3 hours before class. Basically, I wolfed down dinner before I left work at 5pm. If I was lucky, modern baba would come home in time to giver modern toto a bath and tuck her in. How long do you think that lasted superyogamom routine lasted? Let’s just say that I utilized approximately 12 of my 30 days. Epic fail? ??? I chose to see that as a lesson, try not to over do it. If I am lucky, once a week of any form of Yoga works just fine. That combined with running around after the ‘queen’, housework, and the minimum thrice a week HIIT keeps me in check. Not to mention the monthly 5Ks. That keeps me in check err shape and sane for now. . . . Hopefully once modern toto grows up I can venture out into a gym and bootcamp perhaps? Maybe run a full marathon one day? Or a triathlon? the tough mudder? All in good time! Meanwhile, I will continue attending Bikram Yoga classes whever I get the chance and practicing Yoga in the confines of my bedroom from yogatoday 

If you would really like to conquer a Yoga handstand, look to the experts 🙂