About me

I am a modern mama – educated, working full time, married, adjusting to life with a toddler in a foreign land miles away from home (Kenya). Professionally what am I? Social activist, writer, project manager – whatever hat my non profit job requires me to wear. Mostly, my work ensures that people have access to healthcare and resources that everyone deserves. Occasionally I will blog about what’s going on in the human rights arena.


Why modern mamalogues?

Well, it came to me in a dream J No, not really – I was cleaning the fridge one hot summer afternoon. The fridge was well, filthy, and that would be putting it mildly. You see, my adorable toddler recently discovered the ice dispenser on the fridge and during one of her fridgescapades she inadvertently set the fridge to a warm temperature. The result – my almost empty fridge full of not so cold or ‘fresh’ food. Back to cleaning the fridge, yes, I begun thinking about why it is necessary to clean the fridge and you know how a mama’s brain works. I thought of the fridge, clutter in my house, work, and life in general. Life is like a fridge, we learn to keep things cool and take them out when we need them and occasionally throw the bad stuff out. Well I decided there and then that this blog would be my fridge of sorts. I can keep my random thoughts, ideas and journey here. That way, I can share with family, friends, and my toddler when she grows up and wonders what her mama’s life was like back in the day. A lot of my thoughts will revolve around me and my family and my other three loves: exercise, good food, and tv. Not to mention shoes and work – women’s rights in particular.

And the name? Well I consider myself a modern mom in every sense of the word, and the name had to have a hint of feminist mischief in it and bear some resemblance to African descent. So, there you have it! This is all new to me, I may ramble on sometimes but there is a point to each blog, I promise! Or is there? Here’s to my modern mamalogues!!!



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