Appreciating Chaos

I must say I am a sucker for planning. I am one of those people who if I don’t plan my wardrobe for the entire week I am stuck by Tuesday. I plan weekly meals (by weather season). Yes, you read right. It’s currently winter so I make lot of soups and curries. Sunday is always fish day: Salmon, Tilapia, or any other fish we fancy. Tuesday is always poultry day: turkey, chicken. Thursday is always lentils day. During the summer, I maintain the same theme but with salads and grilled. I have a workout schedule too, and a cleaning schedule too. You get the picture right? This mama is a sucker for planning!!
So – back to my wardrobe conundrum. As I shower on Wednesday morning I begin to panic and wonder if I am going to wear the same clothes I wore on Monday on Tuesday (the horror!!!) Are you still with me? On the planning thing?
Anyway, this week my world was completely floored. I have come to appreciate the chaotic and unpredictable randomness that is life. Every day this week, a random event has inspired me to action or thought in positive ways; and, evidently more planning. On Monday, I received an email alert that immediately prompted me to plan out how I am going to spend more time with modern baba next year. Dare I say date night?
On Tuesday, a random conversation with a very wise colleague made me stop and think about marriage and what it means to me and my daughter. It’s always the hallway conversations that inspire light bulb moments no?
On Thursday, I was talking a walk around my office building and I ran into workmates I have never interacted with beyond ‘hi’. Anyway, they invited me for a walk to Starbucks and what ensued was an hour of hilarity, incredible insight, and most importantly forged friendships. Who knew that taking a walk outside would lead to more friendships and planning my personal long term professional strategy?
As I plan how I am going to spend the next two weeks of my holiday entertaining my three year old, I do wish you sprinkles of randomness and elements of planning this holiday season.