I’m a Bitch with Etiquette

Or so I learnt. . . . . .

Apparently the ‘alpha, arrogant, go getter’ female attitude doesn’t sit well with men team-mates at the workplace. So, instead of pushing back, we gently cajole, maneuver in an oh so nice meaningful way that says ‘there’s a bitch sizzling in here – back off’

Whatever happened to leaning in? Or claiming what’s ours?


If only there could be more of Wendy Davis or Hilary Clinton in us. Would we be more bitchy with less etiquette? Would there be more women CEOs on the Forbes list? Would women make as much as men? Would there be less – child marriage? FGM? Human trafficking?

The tide is changing – slowly but surely. More countries are electing women to lead them (hello Australia) – ( Hillary 2016??), and women are making more and more strides in places we never thought womanly possible.

Meanwhile, I will continue to embrace my bitch with etiquette persona and chip away at work.

Happy Friday!!!!