The Complete Guide to a Mama and Toddler’s Workout

As any mum will tell you, it gets incredibly challenging to balance family and personal needs. My personal favorite is the exercise dilemna. As a full time working mum, I feel I can never quite get the work out I need. It seems like there are only two options: wake up insanely early (which I can NEVER do) like my girlfriend who wakes up at 4 am for a Zumba class 😦 gasp! OR, wait till the young one is asleep, finish all household chores, prep for the next day and when your eyelids can barely stay open, then attempt to squeeze a workout in. Yeah, I wonder how long that attempt will last *snickers*
I recently came up with a fabulous idea – why not combine modern toto’s evening time with my workout time, you know, like a hit two birds with one stone kinda thing. You see, we both LOVE to dance. So I figured, why not dance Zumba – via XBOX – together? It seems pretty straightforward right? Well, I forgot to mention a couple of things: modern toto is 2, yes 2! That means she is super agile, can never sit still, has the attention span of a fly and the coordination of a hmn (what’s the most uncoordinated being you could think of?) Well, you get my point. So here we were, all dressed up and ready to dance. If you have used the XBOX before, you know that the camera has to find your image at all times for you to see your progress as you dance along. Of course that didn’t happen due to the ‘agility’ of modern toto. Within seconds, she was all over the place and I spent most of the first song running after her or calling her back to reclaim her ‘spot’. Eventually she did but I forgot she was there ‘oops’ and accidentally nudged her. Que tears, wailing and running to modern baba to tell of mama’s offense. I finished my class in guilt and proceeded to bring out the yoga mat for ‘floor work’. As soon as she saw the mat, she grabbed it, and lay down to ‘sercise’ *sigh* We spent the next 15 minutes fighting for space with her shoving me to move over or scoot over. Scoot? Where do 2 year olds learn such complex words? I am puzzled. Back to ‘sercise’ I finally finished my 15 minute ab work with lots of interruptions and very little accomplishment. You can find the workouts here. Hopefully they can help a mum who needs to workout at home. So there, I accomplished some but hopefully it will get better soon and mdern toto and I can compete in some synchronised ‘sercise’


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