Bonus. London 2012 Closing Ceremony

I know NBC edited out some parts but it seemed better than the opening ceremony to me – maybe because most of the music reminded me of my teen and college years. Good stuff! Well job done Brits, now to wait for the Paralympics. I hope I remember to watch 🙂 


1. Modern Totolympics

And number one goes to. . . . . drumrolll please. . . . . . yours truly modern toto!

For showing her Olympic spirit and participating in whatever sport modern wazazi were watching. She swam on the floor with every event Phelps, Lochte, and Franklin won. She ran every race that Jamaica and Kenya lost won, and attempted to ‘dive’ every diving event we watched. 

A budding Olympian for sure, watch this space. . . . . . . muahaha

2. The New Kid On The Block

Gaby Douglas

David Rudisha

Kirani James

Missy Franklin

Enough Said

3. The Comeback Kid

We all know of one or a few or many of them.

Didn’t make it last Olympics because they:

Were labelled disabled – Oscar Pitorius

Utilized poor strategy – Sanya Richards-Ross

Didn’t train well – *blank*

Got shot – I forgot his name

Freaked out – I am sure we can find a few if we look for them

Doped oops 😦 – Justin Gatlin 

I am sure we can relate to them in our daily grind, learn from them and strive to do much better!!

4. Olympic mom athletes

Being a modern mom is like training for the Olympics everyday, at any one point in time you could be:

Diving – to prevent toto from eating the crap food she threw on the floor last night

Swimming – to get you and toto bathed in time to leave the house in time in the am

Gymnasting – to find a favorite shoe or dress or bottle under/beside/ furniture

Weightlifting – carrying 20,000 things (handbag, grocerries, toddler, shoes, ) as you get into the car or house

Running – after the toto to stuff food into their mouth or get them to bed.

I am in awe and reverence of women who mysteriously balance the juggling act of training everyday for two Olympics, modern motherhood and Olympic sports. My favorite two Olympic moms: 

Kerri Walsh – After winning Olympic gold in Beijing, had baby #1 in May 2009 and baby #2 in May 2010. Just won gold  #3 in London. 

Lashinda Demus – Couldn’t qualify for Beijing because she just had twin boys. Came back with a bang in London 2012 to win silver in 400M hurdles, yes you read right – hurdles. Her twin boys are 5. 

5. Athletics ‘aka’ running

Running athletics is all we know. It’s the only international sport Kenya excels in 🙂 (Maybe in 2016, we can compete for a gold in Rugby eh?) So naturally, we watch all running athletics events: 100M and everything in between to marathon. Sadly, Kenya seems to be getting worse in previously Kenyan dominated events. Exhibit A: losing 10,000M mens to a Somali British ‘Mo Farah’, Exhibit 2: losing men’s marathon to a Ugandan ‘Kiprotich’, oh the irony. 

Meanwhile, I will celebrate with the Jamaicans Caribbeans in their ever increasing dominance of sprint sports: 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M. I bet you they will soon ‘cross over’ to long distance running athletics. 

Excuse me while I train for my 5K *wink*

6. Fish in the water – you knew it was coming!

Two words – Michael Phelps! 

For the past week we have marvelled at how the swimmers look like fish in the water. Seriously, it must be a lot of work to look that good under water and make it effortless. I applaud all the swimmers who work so hard to make it look easy and fun. 

Apparently its a science – I watched a local news piece and the journalist was taking to an aquatics technician (or something similar). He was explaining how a lot of science goes into swimming and how swimmers work on different muscles and movements to enable fast diving into the water, pushing themselves off the turn, etc. Here I was thinking its all about swimming, no no. Apparently its a lot of strenght training as well. So next time you see a swimmer with broad shoulders, know lots of work went into that! 

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