Death, Pyjamas and the Olympics

My computer died a few days ago. At least I thought it did 😦 The battery won’t charge and it keeps on blinking funny. Thats the best way I can describe it. See, I have had it for only 2.5 years so what gives? Its been to the Geek Squad at least 6 times, each time with a different problem. I must have bought a lemon, thats the only plausible explanation I can think of. Unless, a laptop’s shelflife is now two years? I have to revisit the story of stuff and think about the rapid evolution of technology and e waste. *Sigh* A new computer is not anywhere near my budget for the next couple of years, or until modern toto needs one. Who am I kidding? She will probably be rocking an I pad while wondering what archaic devise mama is using for work.


Anyway, I decided not to take my computer’s ‘death’ that bad, because I knew something really good was coming on Friday. I LOVE the Olympics! I was sure it would be the highlight of my summer. Shock on me!Along came #NBCFAIL  I have no cable and I don’t think it would have made a difference if I did. Due to the business?capitalist?greedy nature of the powers that be , NBC seems to be showing nothing interesting live, including the opening ceremony. So, after a really hard day’s work, I rush home to clean, cook, bath modern toto, and settle before 8pm. o__O my night was in complete and utter disappointment. I have never hated the voices of Matt Lauer and Bob Costas like I did yesterday. The opening ceremony was all botched up, with NBC showing commercials in what felt like 90 second intervals. Uggggghhhh!!!!!! WTF? Naturally, I did not understand the opening ceremony until the ‘country march’ I eagerly awaited to see what ‘uniform’ Kenya had donned this year, only to be shocked to see a white boy carry the flag. Hmn. . . . . Oh what a night! I went to bed at midnight hugely diappointed and decided to give NBC a second chance today. I knew I would be pretty busy watching exciting olympics events, so  I decided today would be a lounge in pyjamas kind of day for modern toto and I. Well I should have known, once bitten. . . . .
Not only did NBC not air most events live, they chose to air all the popular events during primetime to make more $$$$ If this is not the absolute defition of greed for the greater profit, I don’t know what is. Let’s just say by 3pm, I knew China had two gold medals in swimming and Ryan Lochte humiliated Phelps won the 400M IM. What’s the point of waiting 6 hours to watch an event whose results you already know? What an epic disaster NBC? Did you forget the Internet exists? Come on!! I call this kidnapping by TV! If this is how the Olympics coverage is going to be I would rather get updates from Twitter. Yup, I am boycotting NBC this summer, what’s the point really? Yup! My Olympics gusto is gone. Meanwhile, I will contribute a tweet or ten to NBC’s epic failure, in my pyjamas of course.


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